Some things make as much sense as  using a deaf dog to work a blind steer...There just has to be an easier way.
 Here are the entertainers who were here in 2010!

If your books or cd's are available at amazon, please let me know and I will also link to them from this page. If they aren't and you want them to be, visit Create Space and you can set the titles up there and they will automatically be available on amazon with the added convienance you can order as few as one at a time. If you do not have the neccessary programs to format your books or covers, feel free to contact me for help.

If you want your name added to the list, fill out the form below the entertainers.




 1) Returning all the way from St. Francis, Kansas is Phil "Tumbleweed "Crawford, Poet, singer and song writer ! Great to have you back Tumbleweed!

  2) Eddy Harrison, singer ,songwriter and luthier from Las Cruces, New Mexico

3) Bill Shaw, cowboy poet from Arizona.  This was his first time on stage and blew everyone away with his poetry and delivery. He is coming back next year and will be even better!

4) Dave  P.Fisher hails from Reno Nevada. He has spent much of his life as a working cowboy .  He has several books and a cd out so be sure and visit his website!

  5) Tony Argento is  another entertainer coming out of the Reno Nevada Area. He brings his own brand of "Twisted Cowboy Poetry at its best" to Van Horn!

  6) Harold Roy Miller Nevada Cowboy Poet

7) Jerry Schleicher
, cowboy poet from, Parkville, MO His books and cd's are on

  8) Eveylyn Roper   cowgirl singer and poet from Colorado.

Geff Dawson, cowboy poet from Kansas had to cancel due to fighting snow and cattle this winter. However he is sent a donation which will  be donated to whoever comes up with the best poem or song using the line "Too dumb to live...Too tough to Die." which was won by Dean Cook!

9) Rusty Battenfield, Texas Cowboy poet and mule racer from Odessa Midland area

10) Darrel  Staedtler, Texas Singer songwriter turned cowboy poet. He wrote three songs for George Straight,"Blame it on Mexico", "A Fire I Can't Put Out,", his second number 1, and 80 Proof Bottle.

11) Steven Spalding, Cowboy preacher,gospel singer & poet fromSpalding from Lebanon, Missouri. He will also be making a selection for the new Green River Gathering in Green River, ARK

12PeteKennedy,  Cowboy poet from Tyrone, NM He willalso be judging and picking an act for the 2011  TyroneGathering.

13) Dean Cook, Arizona Cowboy poet

   14) Richard Martin Cowboy singer from Embudo, NM


Charles Williams  could not make it due to illness, but he still participated over the internet making a total of  five invatations for his Campfire Tales and Cade Schalla's Cat Springs Gathering.

15) Bob Kinford  Story teller from Cowwboyland , USA. He is the event organizer, not elligible for prizes.


16) Dennis Gaines Texas Cowboy poet showed us the extent a cowboy can stretch any event in a cowboy's life!

If you want to perform please let us know. If you have a website, please give us the url so we can post it. Thanks!

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